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Religious Education/Beliefs and Values


RE makes a distinctive contribution to the curriculum at Ashley High school. Through weekly RE lessons students learn about the beliefs, practices and traditions around the main religions represented in our multi-faith society. They study different religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. All religious and non-religious beliefs are respected.

Each new R.E topic explores four key areas of enquiry which are beliefs and values, living religious traditions, shared human experience and search for personal meaning.

Students are given opportunities to respond to and ask important questions related to spiritual development and the meaning and purpose of life. We recognise the rights of all students to express their own opinions and the responsibility to respect the views and beliefs of others. Religious Education actively promotes the values of truth, justice, tolerance, respect for all and care for the environment.

The R.E curriculum is designed to be engaging and offers many opportunities to develop a range of skills including ICT, speaking and listening, thinking skills, empathy and flexibility of thought.

A collective act of worship and reflection is held each day during Form time. Whole school celebration assembly takes place each Monday morning.