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Food Technology


The Food Technology classroom is a creative and inspirational space that offers excellent facilities for teaching and learning, The students, across all school years, have available a range of modern equipment and resources to enable them to progress their culinary skills.

Food Technology

Students in Year 7 learn to develop a basic understanding of the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables, through various practical and theory activities. The students also learn about basic cutting and food preparation techniques and how to work safely within a cooking environment.

In Years 8 and 9, students have the opportunity to further build their skills through a range of projects that include baking, eggs and cheese and chocolate & staple foods. This is supported by instruction and practice on more advanced food preparation techniques.

Year 10 students who chose this as an option will study ‘Home Cooking Skills’.

Students will learn:
  • Hygiene and safety for cooking
  • Cooking skills
  • How to choose fresh ingredients
  • How home cooking is value for money
  • How to read food labels
  • Nutritional value of foods
  • How to present food attractively.