School closes on Friday 19th July 2024 at 1pm. School reopens on Wednesday 4th September 2024 at 8.50am. We welcome employers wanting to engage with our school, please contact us for more information on how you can support our careers programme.

Practical Learning

The Key Stage 3 Practical Learning curriculum aims to support pupils in becoming as independent, confident and social as possible, whilst developing skills that are needed to thrive as adults.  There is a strong focus on the development of key essential skills including functional literacy and numeracy, communication (speaking and listening), teamwork, leadership, problem solving, creativity, staying positive and aiming high. Research conducted by the Skills Builder Partnership provides evidence that young people with higher levels of essential skills experience improved social mobility, employability, employment, earnings and job satisfaction.

The programme engages pupils with practical learning activities which include forest school, gardening, enterprise, global learning and learning outside the classroom. Students will be provided with challenging, exciting and different experiences away from the classroom.  Research shows that learning outside the classroom contributes significantly to raising standards and improving pupil’s personal, social and emotional development.

Students are provided with opportunities to learn and understand more about the world around them. We feel that it is important that our students are supported and actively encouraged to be curious about the world they live in at a local, national and global level. Studies into the impact of international education work in UK schools highlight the benefits of global learning including an Improvement in reading, writing and communication skills, improvement in motivation, an increased awareness of different cultures and religion and a stimulating and enriched curriculum.