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Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy at Ashley High School

Animals are increasingly recognised as an effective tool, providing many benefits. Animals can provide social development and communication both verbal and non-verbal, supporting students to have confidence to engage with others. Other benefits include reducing anxiety and promoting good hormones.

Gizmo 'The Therapy Dog'
Our Headteacher's dog joins students in school on a Thursday. He can be found with students in the therapy room or snoozing on couches in cosy classrooms. The students enjoy taking him on a walk or for a run on the field.
Tatty 'Horsefield Tortoise'
He spends his days in the Emotional Support room. The students are always shocked to see how fast he can move around the room. They are responsible for giving him a bath and keeping him fed and watered.
School Aquarium

Our school aquarium is an effective calming mechanism and have proved to be very popular with both students and staff alike! Watching the fish is a very mindful and mesmerising experience.
Pet Club
For our pet lovers we hold a pet club once a week after school to learn more about the pets we have and how to care for them.

Animal Welfare

The welfare of our animals is paramount. Students who wish to be involved learn the correct way to care for the animals, and this is overseen by staff at all times.