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Miss Wilson


Deputy Headteacher
Mr Jones

Deputy Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher
Mr Jenkins

Assistant Head - Science Co-ordinator

Mrs Lightfoot

Assistant Head - Year 14 Form Tutor - BTEC Co-ordinator

Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs Crank

HLTA - Exams Officer

Mrs Gilhooley

HLTA - Autism, Speech and Language

Mrs Lunt

HLTA - Safeguarding, Child Protection, Annual Reviews

Support Staff
Mrs Banks

Teaching Assistant/Careers Education Lead (CEIAG)

Miss Cook

Teaching Assistant - Food Tech

Mrs Hill

Teaching Assistant - Science Technician

Mr Jukes

Teaching Assistant - P.E. Support

Mrs Truscott

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lee

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Orme

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pearsall

Teaching Assistant/Emotional Support & Family Links

Mrs Walker

Teaching Assistant - OT Support

Mrs Verney

Teaching Assistant

Miss Whitehead

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Evans

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kirwan

Teaching Assistant / Emotional Support Assistant

Ms Mooney

Teaching Assistant

Mr Woodward

Teaching Assistant

Miss Jefferies

Teaching Assistant

School Counsellor
Mrs Young

School Counsellor

Speech and Language Support
Mrs Inman

Speech and Language Practitioner

Miss Jordan

Speech and Communications Assistant

Admin Officer
Mrs Collacott

Admin Officer

Premises Manager
Mr Rizzotti

Premises Manager

School Cook
Mrs Davies

School Cook

Mrs Andrews

Teacher - Year 7 Form Tutor

Mr Andrews

Teacher - Year 7 Form Tutor - History Co-ordinator - P4C

Mrs Quinn

Teacher - Year 10 Form Tutor - Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs Ivins

Teacher - Year 12 Form Tutor - ICT Co-ordinator

Mr Kay

Teacher - Year 9 Form Tutor - P.E. Co-ordinator - Rebound Therapy - D of E

Mrs Lawrenson

Teacher - Year 13 Form Tutor - Geography Co-ordinator - Forest & Coastal School

Mrs Leigh

Teacher - Year 10 Form Tutor - English Co-ordinator

Mrs Martland

Teacher - Intervention Teacher

Mrs O'Connor

Teacher - Year 9 Form Tutor - Numeracy Co-ordinator - Rebound Therapy

Mr Favour

Teacher - Year 8 Form Tutor - RE Co-ordinator

Mr Stringfellow

Teacher - Year 11 Form Tutor - Design Technology Co-ordinator

Miss Symes

Teacher - Year 8 Form Tutor - PSHCE Co-ordinator

Mr Gorst

Teacher - Year 11 Form Tutor - Food Technology Co-ordinator - D of E

Mrs Foulkes

Teacher - Music Co-ordinator - Independent Living Co-ordinator

Mrs Davison

Teacher - Year 9 Form Tutor - Maths Co-ordinator

Generic Ofsted Outstanding
Healthy Schools 2020
Rights Respecting Schools - Unicef - Level 1
Speaker's School Council Award 2017
Green Tree School Gold Award
ICT Mark Accredited Naace
Rebound Therapy
Innovation Enterprise Alliance
QM History 2019
Widgit Centre
Skills Builder
Discovering Democracy
Autism Award Winner 2018