School closes on Friday 19th July 2024 at 1pm. School reopens on Wednesday 4th September 2024 at 8.50am. We welcome employers wanting to engage with our school, please contact us for more information on how you can support our careers programme.

New School Minibus

Some of you may remember, prior to Covid, our Ashley High School Parent Group organised a number of fundraising activities in order for us to raise £7,500 to put towards the purchase of a much needed new minibus. This seems so long ago and I am aware that many of the parents involved no longer have children that attend Ashley, but we were successful in raising the funds needed to approach the Steve Morgan Foundation Charity and apply for support in purchasing a new minibus. There was a bit of a wait, due to manufacturers not being able to obtain the necessary microchips, but in September of this year the charity delighted us by presenting us with a brand new bus. We would like to take the opportunity to thank EVERYBODY that got involved, from 2019 onwards, to make this happen, and assure you all that the bus will be put to good use in delivering our ever-increasing 'Learning Outside the Classroom' programme. Thank you so much!