About Us

We recognise that numeracy is an important life skill. Being numerate means being able to reason with numbers and to solve a variety of problems in everyday life.

Numeracy skills are needed in every subject in school, but we are also focusing specific skills during a numeracy session each week.

We have a termly focus: Autumn – Time, Spring – Multiplication, Summer – Money

Students will complete tasks with their pastoral teacher and can also access online programs both in school and at home.

Doodle Maths:

We have purchased this program as it has been proven to help children make big improvements in both their ability and confidence in maths. We encourage our students to use the website every day. Doodle Maths will learn where our students' strengths are, and areas to improve, and then builds an individual program just for them. Each student has their own personal login which records their progress.

Study Ladder:

All students have unlimited access to Study Ladder. This is an online platform to improve Numeracy skills through quizzes and games. This can be accessed at home through a computer or mobile device. Each student has their own personal login which records their progress.

Times Tables Rock Stars:

This is an online package that is a carefully sequenced program of daily times tables practice.

Catch Up Numeracy:

This is a structured one to one intervention for learners who find numeracy difficult. Catch Up Numeracy involves 15 minute individual sessions delivered twice a week and addresses 10 key components of numeracy.
  • Counting verbally
  • Counting objects
  • Reading and writing numbers
  • Hundreds, tens and units
  • Estimation
  • Word problems
  • Translation
  • Remembered facts
  • Derived facts
  • Ordinal numbers
Staff are starting to deliver this intervention during Spring term this year.
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