Physical Education

About Us

The aim of Physical Education is to foster a positive attitude towards participation in and an appreciation of sport and physical activity. It aims to develop skill, knowledge and understanding of the value of physical exercise and its promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe that every student benefits from regular exercise in terms of their physical, social and mental health and that it is our duty to provide for a wide variety of ability and interest groups. Opportunities are provided for all students to fulfil their potential, develop confidence in their own ability and experience success and personal satisfaction.

Why Physical Education is essential to a student's development:
  • Lifelong physical activity is essential for good health
  • Regular vigorous activity is essential for growth and development
  • It offers real opportunities for personal and social development.

It lays the foundations for:-

  • Skill Development
  • Lifelong participation
  • Positive attitudes to health and exercise
  • Vocational opportunities.


In delivering Physical Education/Sport at Ashley High School we will be successfully working towards the requirements of the National Curriculum for P.E.

The Programme of Study changes constantly to allow every student an opportunity to enhance their learning and personal development through this subject. Ashley High School will work towards delivering:

  • A balanced curriculum consisting of games, Trampolining, Health and Fitness, Athletics, Net games and outdoor activities
  • Teaching methods that cater for all abilities, mixed ability groups, mixed gender groups and single sex groups where appropriate
  • A system of evaluation, monitoring and reporting student progress, with forms of accreditation
  • An extra-curricular programme consisting of individual team challenges, specialist teams/representative, outdoor adventure activity, after school sports clubs and club links.
Ashley High School is proud to be linked to and working with a wide range of key partners in the community that enable our students to experience and achieve at local, national and international level. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills throughout the curriculum and are given opportunity to apply them.
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