Solihull Approach Courses


14th July 2023

As part of the launch of Family Hubs, Halton Borough Council have purchased the Solihull Approach Multi-User Licence which means that every resident in Halton can access evidence based online courses for LIFE for FREE!


What is the Solihull Approach?


-         A theoretical model integrating psychodynamic, child development and learning theory

-         The Solihull Approach is an NHS organisation promoting emotional health and well-being by supporting relationships

-         The approach is included in the UK Department of Health’s Healthy Child Programme

-         Evidence based, accredited, online courses from pre-birth to adolescence

-         A great way to increase accessibility of parenting programmes through online courses which have the same content as the face to face courses


Who are these courses for?


These courses are for everyone; mothers, fathers, partners, grandparents, foster carers - as well as other family and involved friends.


The courses are really informative and interesting! They look at the baby / child’s / teenager brain development, play, styles of parenting, sleep, temper tantrums, communication and many more.


Emotional health and wellbeing of parents, grandparents, carers and the infant/child/teenager are explored within the courses. The courses are based on evidence, have been written by registered professionals, and are recognised by NHS providers and accredited by the Department of Education (DfE).


There are lots of courses to choose from, learners can do them all or choose which one’s are most relevant to their situation. Once registered, learners have free life time access so they can work through the programmes as their child grows.


Available courses:


· ‘Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth & your baby’

· ‘Understanding your baby’

· ‘Understanding your child’ 0-19+yrs (main course)

· ‘Understanding your child with additional needs’ 0-19+yrs (main course)

· ‘Understanding your teenager’s brain’ (short course)

· ‘Understanding your child's feelings’ (taster course)

· ‘Understanding your relationships’(young people, adults, older adults course)

· ‘Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing (accompanies UYC and/or UYCAD)

· ‘Understanding your brain (for teenager’s only!)’

· ‘Understanding your feelings (for teenager’s only!)’


Non-English languages: Professionals translations: Understanding your child’ in Urdu, Arabic, Polish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Spanish, Somali, Welsh; 'Understanding your pregnancy...' in Urdu, Polish, Arabic, Spanish, Welsh; 108 languages available through Google Translate


The courses are accessible by PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone and learners will receive a certificate at the end


Accessing the courses couldn’t be easier, simply go to and enter the access code TOGETHER

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