Mission Statement

Ashley High School seeks to provide quality education for all our students in a caring, work centred environment. We will seek to be responsive to the needs of individuals, educational establishments, employers and the community as a whole.

It will also provide the highest quality specialist education which addresses the specific needs of pupils with an SEN/Autistic Spectrum Condition as well as the individuality of each pupil and his or her family, so that their potential can be achieved at each stage of their education and into adult life.

To achieve its mission the school adheres strongly to the following:

  • A commitment to specialist SEN/ASC education
  • A commitment to personalised learning
  • A commitment to inclusive education
  • A commitment to ICT and innovation
  • A commitment to continuous improvement.


1. Our fundamental purpose is to ensure that high quality learning takes place through a curriculum suited to the differential needs of all students bearing in mind the requirements of the National Curriculum.

We will endeavour to offer our students every possible opportunity to join their peers in primary and secondary schools and colleges of further education.

The school as a learning community seeks a precise role for itself within the educational sector and the wider community to which it contributes and from which it receives support.

2. Teachers will discuss with the students their targets, progress and problems.

They will strive to develop within our students, attitudes and behaviour appropriate to living in a society desirous of eradicating discrimination on any grounds including those of religion, race, gender and disability.

They will endeavour to ensure that senior students have access to continuing education and training and stress to them the desirability that learning opportunities should be sought throughout their lives.

3. The staff will provide a caring, protective but not sheltered environment, which is clean, safe and well ordered, where effective teaching and learning can take place based on mutual respect.
4. The school follows a policy of seeking continuous improvement.
A concern for standards is everyone's responsibility within the school.
In partnership with the LA, school governors, parents and students, we will strive to create quality programmes.
5. The school will create and sustain a professional learning environment for the needs of both students and staff. Staff intend to keep their skills up to date and develop good team working skills; will investigate barriers to the successful execution of duties; will celebrate good practice; will be aware of their responsibilities toward the culture, values and ethos of the school.
As members of staff we must see value in our work and potential in our students to maintain high standards.
Each student will be supported by individuals that are focused on what he/she needs to learn and is expected to achieve.
Staff are committed to planning effective teaching strategies for students experiencing difficulties in learning.
Healthy lifestyles will be promoted and pupils will be supported in making healthy choices.
The staff will seek to support the emotional well being, resilience and self esteem of each pupil and encourage positive self image.
Pupils will be given the skills, understanding and knowledge in order to achieve the highest level of independence and make a contribution to their family, the school and the wider community.
As an aid to enhancing the performance and self-esteem of students we will ensure that their achievements will be recognised by systems of celebration and of accreditation.
Staff will promote pupil enjoyment and achievement, advocacy and autonomy so that they can experience the best quality of life both now and in the future.
6. The school will acquire and allocate resources according to curriculum objectives and individual needs.
7. The staff and students share values, philosophy and purposes that are vital to the development of a 'quality culture' within school.
Quality of resources, education and high student achievement are central aims of the School Development Plan.
8. To deliver its provision the school gives sharp focus to the following:
  • High quality teaching and learning
  • Pupil target setting and tracking
  • Pupil assessment
  • Specialist intervention programmes
  • Pupil grouping
  • Learning environment informed by specialist staff knowledge
  • Curriculum and school organisation
  • The extended curriculum
  • Staff establishment
  • Continued professional development of staff.
9. To account for its work the school provides the following documents for appraisal:
  • The School Development Plan
  • Ofsted inspection reports
  • National Autistic Society Accreditation Reports/Advisor reports and interim development reports (IDP).
Generic Ofsted Outstanding
Healthy Schools 2020
Rights Respecting Schools - Unicef - Level 1
Speaker's School Council Award 2017
Green Tree School Gold Award
ICT Mark Accredited Naace
Rebound Therapy
Innovation Enterprise Alliance
QM History 2019
Widgit Centre
Skills Builder
Discovering Democracy
Autism Award Winner 2018