Lunchtime Charter

Pupils will respect the right by
UNCRC Rights Adults will respect the right by
Sitting with peers to eat lunch, having a chat and being kind to each other
Article 15
Everyone has the right to meet up with other children
Allowing pupils to choose who they sit with, encouraging new friendships
 Eating a wide variety of different foods and being willing to try new things
Article 24
Everyone has the right to the best possible health
Providing a range of healthy foods and clean water (and our meds if we need them) 
 Taking our trays back and tidying away after ourselves
Article 24
Everyone has the right to a clean environment
Providing a clean area for us to eat our lunch and wiping tables when we finish 
 Walking in the hall and lining up in a calm and orderly manner
Article 19
Everyone has the right to be safe
Being on time for their lunchtime duties and supervising well 
 Chatting with others at our table and having friendly conversations  Article 31
Everyone has the right to relax
Always being willing to listen and encouraging pupils to mix with others 
Generic Ofsted Outstanding
Healthy Schools 2020
Rights Respecting Schools - Unicef - Level 1
Speaker's School Council Award 2017
Green Tree School Gold Award
ICT Mark Accredited Naace
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