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KS3 Personal Development

Digital Literacy:

Digital Literacy is taught as a 3-year rolling programme. In the first year students complete a series of lessons on Photoshop. In the second year students complete a series of lessons on Adobe Fireworks. During the third year students experience an introduction to Social Media.

Creativity and Imagination:

Creativity and Imagination is taught as a 3-year rolling programme.

First year - Introduction to the digital camera.

Second year - Illustrating characters from written information.

Third year - Music appreciation, recognising that music can reflect and induce feelings.

Student Leadership:

Student Leadership is taught on a 3-year rolling programme.

Year 7 students are developing confidence in leadership through following the rules of a game and being able to work and compete co-operatively with others. Students will have the opportunity to officiate games such as Boccia and Bench ball.

Year 8 students will work towards understanding the importance of fair play and working co-operatively with others. They will begin to learn how to make adaptations to games and implement them with confidence. Students will demonstrate an increase in leadership skills by assisting in leading sport sessions.

Year 9 students are developing their leadership skills through creating interesting and challenging activities. Students will learn about the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. They will organise the equipment required to deliver an activity. Students will learn strategies to motivate participants and be able to review their sessions.


Taught as a 3-year programme.

Year 1 - Global Goals.

Year 2 - Staying Healthy.

Year 3 - Illegal Substances.

Collaboration and Communication:

Taught on a 3-year rolling programme.

In Year 7 students will work on a topic entitled 'All about me'. This focuses on developing basic verbal and non-verbal communication skills, finding out about themselves as learners and learning to work co-operatively.

In Year 8 the students work on developing themselves as an active listener, an effective communicator and interpreting and expressing their own feelings.

In Year 9 the students look at dealing/reacting to change, making choices and improving their own confidence as a communicator.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is taught through Philosophy for Children (P4C). P4C is an approach to learning and teaching which enhances students' thinking, communication skills, encourages students to ask questions, sift arguments and explore alternatives.

In Year 7 students are encouraged to provide reasons for their answers.

In Year 8 students recognise what makes a good philosophical question.

In Year 9 students provide their own questions for an enquiry.