Information about the School Day

School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.00pm with the option of breakfast club from 8.30am and after school clubs until 3.45pm (Monday to Thursday).
Compulsory hours = 30 hours and 50 minutes.
The structure of the school day is as follows:

  • 9.00am - 9.30am: Registration/Literacy/Numeracy Time
  • 9.30am - 10.20am: Lesson 1
  • 10.20am - 10.35am: Break
  • 10.35am - 11.30am: Lesson 2
  • 11.30am - 12.20pm: Lesson 3
  • 12.20pm - 12.55pm: Lunch
  • 12.55pm - 1.00pm: Registration
  • 1.00pm - 1.20pm Lesson 4 - Form activities
  • 1.20pm - 2.10pm: Lesson 5
  • 2.10pm - 3.00pm: Lesson 6

Collective Worship

All forms take part in a daily act of collective worship during form time. Whole school celebration assembly is held every Monday in the school hall between 9.00am and 9.30am.
Generic Ofsted Outstanding
Healthy Schools 2020
Rights Respecting Schools - Unicef - Level 1
Speaker's School Council Award 2017
Green Tree School Gold Award
ICT Mark Accredited Naace
Rebound Therapy
Innovation Enterprise Alliance
QM History 2019
Widgit Centre
Skills Builder
Discovering Democracy
Autism Award Winner 2018